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About Us

Orion Motorsports


Orion Motorsports is the Pirelli racing distributor for the Eastern U.S. and Canada. Together with a strong group of race service providers we cover racing events and track days from Texas to Florida and from Minnesota to New Hampshire as well as Canada coast to coast. Please see the dealer listing section for your closest dealer.

Orion Motorsports has been in the road racing business for over 30 years and has been representing Pirelli racing tires for over 15 years. With experience in WSBK, AMA, CSBK and an extensive background in numerous regional racing series we know we have the best product on the market with the right technical background to assist you in a knowledgeable and friendly manner. Whether you are getting ready to win Daytona or getting ready for your first track day. We have the product and the advice you are looking for.

The Pirelli racing motto is “We race what we sell and we sell what we race”. It sounds like a great marketing slogan but it’s the simple truth. The fact that you the consumer can purchase the actual tires that you watched win the last WSBK round is an important driving force behind Pirelli’s unparalleled success in National and Regional level racing. We certainly aren’t the least expensive product on the market but we believe we are the best. Every single product that we carry comes out of the same German manufacturing plant that supplies Pirelli racing worldwide. There is no compromise in quality and no replacement for expertise.